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Life like a movie

August 12, 2012


I spent the whole day watching  movies.

Made me think that if life is like the movies, then it would be so much better.

Everything that you do would always have a soundtrack.

Every time you would see that person who makes your heart skip a beat you would move in slow motion.

The wind would be blowing against your hair, the sun shining warmly on your face.

I think  it would really be funny. During valentine’s  day everyone would be moving in slow motion.

Except maybe for a few people.

There is  a big disadvantage for “hot women”’ if life would be like the movies.

Because they are usually the ones that get killed first. They have a weird unexplainable aura for attracting

Psycho killers, giant crocs, piranhas, and sharks. I have never seen Jason vorhees chase a fat woman.

So if you’re chubby, be happy. You’re safe.


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