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The Horoscope

The Inner Way

Our inner landscape ❋ The Psyche

When we enter the world-stage,  we become the hero of our own life-story. A tale that has yet to be told. The outcome is still unknown because it is entirely up to us what we make of all the potential, promises, tests and challenges that are already written down – at that moment of our birth – in the symbolic language of our own unique mandala: our horoscope.

It’s a picture of the interwoven patterns that the celestial bodies posed at that crucial moment.  This cosmic dance calls to existence the stage for our personal quest that we call life. Our inner landscape and its inhabitants: the flora, the fauna, the gods in the mountains and the sky – or wherever they are in your story – are there.  And now its your time to roam through this arena. It takes time to find the way…

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You know it’s true really…


Quotable Quotes

life’s lines

SUNDAY BLOG Stephanie Sievers

I met this beautiful old lady in Hoi An, Vietnam. A lovely city you should definitely go to if you love to have clothes designed  and fitted just for you.

The smiling face of this lady seems to show all her life in a “wrinkle language”. I cannot say how old she is and I am sure she cannot tell either.

This photograph makes me think about my own lifelines… Which story are they going to tell? Will others write them or will I manage to write them myself?

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Life like a movie


I spent the whole day watching  movies.

Made me think that if life is like the movies, then it would be so much better.

Everything that you do would always have a soundtrack.

Every time you would see that person who makes your heart skip a beat you would move in slow motion.

The wind would be blowing against your hair, the sun shining warmly on your face.

I think  it would really be funny. During valentine’s  day everyone would be moving in slow motion.

Except maybe for a few people.

There is  a big disadvantage for “hot women”’ if life would be like the movies.

Because they are usually the ones that get killed first. They have a weird unexplainable aura for attracting

Psycho killers, giant crocs, piranhas, and sharks. I have never seen Jason vorhees chase a fat woman.

So if you’re chubby, be happy. You’re safe.


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